Saturday, July 28, 2012

Florida: Bristling with Drone Bases?

According to the Department of Defense Report to Congress on Future Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training, Operations, and Sustainability (April 2012), Florida has nine (9) locations that have been designated as potential basing locations for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) [i.e. drones] (p. 8 ff.).

The table below gives information on the types of drones that are proposed for basing at each location.

BASE Predator/Reaper type Shadow/Raven type Other
Hurlburt Field MQ1B, MQ9A RQ-11B Wasp, Puma
Avon Park MQ1B, MQ9A
NS Mayport MQ8
Appalachicola RQ-11B Wasp, Puma
Homestead RQ-11B Wasp, Puma
NOLF Choctaw RQ-11B Wasp, Puma, Scan Eagle
Starke RQ-11B, RQ-7B
NAS Jacksonville RQ4-Blk40
Archer Field Wasp, MAV

How long will it be before you see and hear drones overhead?

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